Wednesday, July 3, 2013

BugBrand and Squeely Noise Machines

I love devices that make odd sounds - even irritating ones by most standards... but I like 'em even more if they're portable and run on batteries and have non-standard controller options.

BugBrand is a seriously cool company. Check out their stuff - it's way crazy. I made a quick video-improv of their Postcard Weevil - but recently purchased the more advanced version as well.

If chaos, portable devices and odd sounds fascinate you, then check out Tom Bug's site and blog. Tell him 'antfactor' sent you there. WARNING: When he releases new devices they sell out SUPER FAST. He also makes killer sound modular gear as well. Amazing stuff... I want them all.

He even sent me this cool signed business card. Thanks Tom - you're stuff is amazing, and so are you.

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